A friendly, safe space where you can learn about your kinks

BDSM is a vast, wide ranging subject with a myriad of possibilities. Filter this through the complexities of human emotions and you've got some pretty intense and confusing stuff. We all need a hand at some point or another to figure out the how's or the why's in this sexy, complicated world. I offer talking and experiential sessions to help you figure this all out and help you along on your kinky adventures

A kinky training session can help if you have:

  • Always known you had a 'dark side' but not quite sure what to do with it
  • Tried playing with your partner but the reality didn't quite match up to the fantasy
  • Not been able to ask for what you want, or even really know what you want
  • Been frustrated that you can't connect with a loved one in this way
  • Got stuck in a rut with your sexuality
  • Started playing and found your mind utterly blank and devoid of ideas
  • Decided to expand your kinky repertoire
  • Struggled to maintain play for as long as you'd like

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What do you need to take your BDSM play to the next level?